Last, on the big day we'll have a great time, and I'll keep you relaxed and having fun.  

So, if you want a mix of fun and tradition, of candids and posed, then we may be right for each other.

Find the right photographer.  Maybe hire a videographer. 
What type of DJ? Which DJ?

Add family dynamics and you have overwhelm on steroids.

It helps to have someone on your side, someone who understands what you're going through and will help make the day easier, someone who is with you months before the big day, and is with you the whole day, someone who makes it fun for the families and keeps you calm.

That someone is me
Maria McCarthy.

I take fun candids. I also take posed photographs. They, more than anything, will be tomorrow's family heirlooms. We can't skimp here. It's a once in a lifetime event and you want priceless memories. I understand the importance of family and friends, spontaneity, & people celebrating life.

In addition to that, I'll help you. I'll ask the right questions. I'll be your sidekick, someone that you can bounce ideas off of. We'll be like Thelma and Louise, except for the whole driving 
off of a cliff thing.



Planning an event is challenging to say the least. 
Find the site....determine the guest list.....what colors?  

"What I like about



a moment that's

impossible to reproduce."

is that they

gone forever

karl Kagerfeld

"What I like about 
is that they
capture a moment that's gone forever
impossible to reproduce."


Karl Lagerfeld

Maria was highly recommended to do family portraits by a friend.
The photos exceeded my wildest expectations! She is a talented professional who made posing easy and fun!
Lisa U, Agoura Hills